Looking for an International Business Report?

D&B® business credit reports cover a wide variety of international destinations including but not limited to: Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Canada. In order to find the international business your looking for, please visit our International Reports page.

Benefits of Monitoring Other Companies’ Credit

When you consider entering a business relationship with a partner, supplier, or customer, there is a good chance you will want to know how risky doing business with them might be. A company’s credit file contains its D&B scores and ratings along with other company information, such as the exact line of business and any judgments, suits, or liens associated with the company. The information you gather from a company’s business credit report can help determine your decision on establishing payment terms and credit limits. It may be the deciding factor on whether to do business with the company altogether. Bottom line, to protect your business, every company should consider monitoring the business credit of those they do business with.

How to use a D&B Credit Report

A full business credit report contains five critical D&B scores and ratings. Three predictive scores indicate how a business may perform over the next 12 months. First, the Delinquency Predictor Score predicts whether a business will pay its bills on time. Second, the Financial Stress Score predicts the likelihood that a business will experience financial distress. Third, the Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating predicts whether a business will stop delivering their goods or services. Two performance scores reflect a company’s past performance using only the information in D&B’s database. The first is the PAYDEX score, which indicates how a company has paid its bills over the last 24 months. The next is the D&B Rating, which indicates a company’s net worth range based on company financial statements.