Brought to you by Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.
Brought to you by Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.
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1:1 guidance from a lead expert

Whether you’re an outside list expert or purchasing names for the first time, our experts can help you target, segment, and select the list that’s right for you. They can even pinpoint the businesses most likely to buy through our proprietary Lead Rating Score. All at no additional cost.

Over 15 million validated business leads

You'll have access to more than 15 million business contacts from one of the world's most trusted sources of business information. Selects include business name, address, phone, business type, primary contact, title, and number of employees—all verified through our D&B DataWorks quality assurance process and enhanced with proprietary data appends.


Get real-time counts based on your selections. Get your data fast.

Once we’ve helped you with your selections, you’ll receive your leads fast, often on the same day.* Simply download them through our secure, embedded link. And of course, you only pay for the leads that match your criteria.


• How do you compile your data?
D&B DataWorks data is compiled from multiple business data sources, including D&B DataWorks and various third-party providers, and is validated through phone verification, USPS address standardization, and change of address to help ensure a high level of confidence in accuracy and quality.
• What makes your data different from other providers?
Our data has been enhanced by a multi-tier validation process as well as our own proprietary Lead Rating Score, to help ensure accuracy, quality, and likelihood of making a purchase. Unlike other data providers, our data experts provide hands-on assistance, which helps ensure that you can achieve your counts and data selects without adversely affecting your list.
• How do you ensure your leads are more likely to buy?
We have developed a proprietary rating system called the “Lead Rating Score” that uses several different methodologies, including purchase history and financial stability, allowing us to rank the likelihood that a particular business is in a position to make a purchase.
• How much does your data cost?
At D&B DataWorks you pay only $.08 per lead with a low annual subscription price of just $499, no matter how many leads or selections you want.
• How do I select my list?
We help you—you don’t have to be an expert at understanding data or data attributes. To get started, simply call 1-855-549-8897 to speak with a lead expert who will take you through a series of simple questions to help you get the businesses you want to target.
• What selection criteria are included in the data I receive?
All data comes with Name, Address, Phone Number, Business Type, Primary Contact, Title, and Number of Employees all at no additional cost.
• How often can I use the data you provide?
Prices are based on a one-time usage of the data, but multi-use of the data is also available at an additional cost. Please discuss your needs with a Lead Advisor so they can provide you with recommendations and costs.
• How do I make sure you don’t send me names I already have or the same leads over again when I place another order?
We simply match your existing leads or customers against our database and only provide you leads you don't currently have or have purchased from D&B DataWorks previously. Plus, each time you order data from us, we keep a copy on file and we can remove any contacts that you don’t want to receive again.